Hiking between 150m rock walls


3 hours +

General information

The Hammersbach river with its glacial runoff makes its way through the high mountains, tumbling over boulders and rocks into pools of milky spray, roaring and thundering along and leading on adventurous stretches through electrically lit tunnels where you can hear the muffled roar of the wild water through small windows. Especially on hot summer days, it is a pleasure to spend time in the gorge with its cool and humid climate.

What to do there

There are many different hiking options around the area, either once through the Höllentalklamm or even further to the Alpspitze or the highest mountain in Germany. The hike from the parking lot to the entrance of the gorge is approximately 1 hour.

How to get there

Via car

From the large parking lot for hikers in front of Hammersbach, following the road into Hammersbach, you will reach a small chapel at Hotel Haus Hammersbach. Here, directly after the bridge over the Hammersbach, the path to the Höllentalklamm turns off to the right. Follow the forest road, which at first hardly ascending directly along the brook. Soon it goes in bends more steeply uphill, until the path becomes flatter again at a large crossroads. If you look carefully, you will discover one of the largest firs in Germany on the left side of the path (age approx. 400 - 500 years).
Passing the Hütter'l of the material cable car to the Höllentalangerhütte, the path now runs above the Hammersbach. After some time, the small Höllentalanger hut appears at the top of the rock face. Once again there are a few steep hairpin bends, then you have reached the hut and with it the entrance to the Höllentalklamm gorge.

Via bus

Directly from the "Rathaus" station you can take the blue "Eibsee-Bus" and drive directly to the "Hammersbach" station.You can find the time table of the bus here.

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