Highline 179

Enjoy the view with a thrill


2-3 hours

General information

"History meets innovation" is the best description for this unique setting and spectacular #ViewWithTrill. In the midst of one of the most important fortified areas of Central Europe, surrounded by wonderful scenery and imposing mountain chains, highline179 connects the castle ruins of Ehrenberg and Fort Cludia. The rope suspenion bridge gained a place in the Guiness Book of Records as "Longest Tibet-style footbridge" and due to its narrow and open design, visitors experience a remarkable floating sensation.

What to do there

At a height of 114m and with a 360°panorama, the visit is really a unique experience. From the gorge car park, follow the signposts and after a little 20min hike you will arrive at the portal of "highline179" on the Ehrenberg ruins side.

How to get there

Via car

If you have the time, you can walk there directly from the Hideout via the beautiful old town of Partenkirchen and the ski stadion (around 30-40minutes walking). From there it is about a 20 minute hike to the entrance and then 30 minutes through the gorge.

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