A hidden gem with a stunning view


3 hours +

General information

Geroldsee (also known as Wagenbrüchsee) is for sure one of the most iconic landscape gems around Garmisch and much less known and crowded compared to the Eibsee lake.

What to do there

There are two different ways to enjoy Lake Gerold:

You can either walk clockwise around the lake - in which case you will come across a farm meadow with a fantastic view of the mountains right at the beginning. The farmer who owns the meadow charges a small mooring fee and it is busier than on the other side. 

You can walk counter-clockwise around the lake - on this side you can lie down near the lake for free - here you have a less spectacular view but also fewer people.

Either way, we recommend walking up one of the hills behind the lake to see the full panorama.

How to get there

Via car

Only 9km away from the Hideout you can park your car for free in Gerold. From here it is about 15 minutes to the lake.

Via bus

From the Hideout (Rathausplatz), you can take RVO bus Nr. 9608 to Gerold and every two hours a bus drives back from there.

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