Eckn Hut

Amazing views over Garmisch-P.


2-3 hours

General information

Just above 1000m altitude, the Eckn’ Hütte provides you with a stunning panoramic view overlooking the city and the surrounding mountains.

What to do there

The beauty of this hike is that it can be divided into several sections depending on endurance and motivation. After less than an hour's hike (starting from the office) you reach the Tannenhütte. From here it is a further 15-minute hike to the Eckn Hut, which offers a view of the entire panorama.
The very sporty and those who have a little more time can then hike on for about one to one and a half hours to the summit of the Wank. Known as Garmsisch-Partenkirchen's panorama mountain, you are rewarded with a sensational view.

How to get there


You can hike directly from the Hideout. There are many routes to the Eckn Hut, but the quickest is the ascent via the Gipsbruch car park (15min walk).

Via car

If you are in a hurry, you can also drive to the Gipsbruch car park (approx. 5 minutes drive) and then start from there.

Via bus

The EIBSEE bus commutes between Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grainau and Eibsee - the bus stop is just 100 meters from the lake. The starting bus stop “Rathaus” is just one minute walk away from the Hideout. You can find the schedule here.

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